EAG Membership


Once you have been a regular player for more than two months, having played at least 3 times, you can get your form verified and join the UKARA scheme and become a member of EAG.


The membership is only required if you wish to buy a RIF and are 18 years older over. You do not need membership if you wish to buy a “two tone” gun or are not buying a RIF, equally you do not need to have membership to own a RIF only to buy it, so if you have RIF’s from “back in the day” and don’t want to buy anymore, then it is not required.


EAG membership, including a verified UKARA number is £10 per year. It is renewable every 12 months and UKARA form and ID are required.

This must be handed in a checked at your local or regular site.

Please use the contact box below for existing UKARA membership enquiries only.