Elite Action Games Dorking

Sunday Walk-on £25 (including lunch)
Sunday Rental £50 (including lunch) + £40 Gun / Damages Deposit
(Click hear for More Renting Information)

On Site Facilities

Purpose built Airsoft Safezone

Free Parking

Separate Men’s and Women’s Toilets

Refrigerated Drinks

Free Hot drinks (if you bring your own cup)

Airsoft Engineer on Site

Shop for basic Airsoft bits

Socom Tactical also operate a shop on site.


Weapon FPS

AEG 350 FPS with a 0.20 bb
Sniper (bolt Action) 500 FPS with a 0.20 bb minimum engagement range 30 yards.
Site opens at 9:00am, Game play from 10:00am & End ex 16:30pm

Set in 250 acres of glorious Saxon woodland in the Surrey countryside, Dorking boasts an evergrowing Airsoft playground, with the existing paintball fields well established the staff at Elite have continuously added to the site creating new airsoft gaming areas and enhancing the existing features. It is fair to say that Dorking is not just another fire fight in the woods!

Our site is made up of many features you will not find at any other site, these include:

US Firebase – Consisting of over 25 Structures, 1000 sandbags, 200 40 gallon oil drums, trellises, tank traps, camo nets, Howitzer, Mortar pit and tower. If you have come to Dorking in the last four years and were impressed by the old CP, then you haven’t seen anything yet!

Chapel – A key area in Dorking and one that has grown beyond even our plans. There is a Church with bell tower firing point, graveyard, jail and various other buildings. Chapel is still a work in progress, so watch this space.

The Bunker Zone – styled around WWII pill boxes, these five structures are situated around a clearing of a natural choke point. The five bunkers are positioned across a staggered line making this game both fun and challenging.

The Fort – The Fort This defiantly isn’t cow boys and Indians! This last bastion offers a high defendable position against ever growing odds!

The Village – Sporting various structures and barricades players will find themselves up close and personal, taking heavy fire from all angles!

Dorking is not your average woodland Airsoft site, we have spent a great deal of time and money building the site up. So far we have added four separate Airsoft areas to the existing paintball fields and we continue to add more as time goes on. It is fair to say that EAG Dorking is ” Not just another firefight in the woods “.