EAG GUN Rental

EAG have hire guns available by prior booking for most game days . If you turn up without booking you could well be disappointed as we limit the numbers of hire guns at each game.

The day game hire package consists of an automatic electric gun (AEG) 4000 rds of ammunition, full face mask and combat jacket. 4000 rds is usually enough for a good days shooting, however some trigger happy rentals may require more. An extra 4000 rds is available for a further £8. Over 18’s can purchase pyro.

A weapon demonstration is provided for new players, accompanied by a safety briefing for all players before the games start. At Dorking the cost for a days play is £50 plus a gun breakage deposit of £40. The deposit is returned when the gun and hire equipment is returned in an undamaged and clean condition. If the gun is returned damaged, a part of the deposit is retained, if the gun is dirty or muddy, a wet cloth is supplied…..

Should you be unfortunate to return a weapon damaged or with parts missing, please do not try to claim that ‘It was like this when you gave it to me’. All weapons are checked before issue. Breaking a gun negates your deposit and if you require a replacement weapon, you will require a further £40 deposit.
Game fee includes a hotdog at lunchtime.

All rentals are booked via John Clancy
To book a days play for singles or groups please send an email to john@eliteactiongames.co.uk Make sure you receive your booking confirmation. Should you not receive a confirmation email within 2 days please email again. A game days play runs from, the 10am game brief until approx 4.30pm. Please arrive around 45 mins to an hour earlier to allow for booking in, weapon and kit issue. We do not run half days..

When emailing, please state the SITE you wish to play at, the DATE (game dates are on website) and NAMES and number of players. If any hirers have medical ie asthma or dietary ie vegetarian, issues please let us know as well. Minimum suitable age is generally 12 and they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst playing, 14 years and over can be dropped off and signed in by a parent, 16 and upwards can simply turn up.

It is strongly advised that all players wear gloves and boots with ankle support rather than trainers. Airsoft skirmishing is considered an extreme sport, so injuries are guaranteed (those red impact marks are injuries) however it can be played by those with a normal level of fitness and is suitable for a wide range of ages. Should you be unfortunate to receive more than a slight injury, members of EAG staff are qualified first aiders and will hold your hand until the ambulance arrives.

If you wish to take up the sport, and want to buy your own realistic replica, you are required to play three times in over two months and be over the age of 18 to obtain site membership. Under 18s can badger their parents to buy them a two tone non realistic replica.

All Guns are supplied by Socom Tactical UK.